I’m Vector Trained

Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

When presented with the question “What does being Vector Trained mean to you?”, many things come to mind. Is it the exponential increase in my confidence in front of people or groups, my ability to speak to every variation of person, my newfound expertise at speaking on the phone, and ability to lead and inspire? Is it the opportunity I had to stop and re-evaluate my way of thinking, my mentality, my state of being, to be able to focus on personal growth and development? Is it the ability I now have to dream big, set huge goals, and have realistic actions mapped out to achieve them? Is it my ability to empathize, relate, build, and develop much deeper and more authentic relationships with those close and distant, new and old? Is it the opportunity I’ve had to set a path for success, to be able to deal with finances, to budget, to have targets, to learn the ins and outs of business, and present myself professionally in a manner I was never able to before - in person or on my resume?

Being Vector Trained is a “Yes”, to all of those questions, and so much more.

The highlighted paths to the professional life one might find if reviewing my life so far, would include a long passion for theatre and acting, a growth in high school from someone who didn’t think too far ahead to someone who gave everything his all, to moving out on my own early in life, pursuing school, then moving on to pursuing the Catholic priesthood, then to working various labour jobs, onto framing houses, and then finally, here at Vector. Out of all these different outlets, being in Vector has provided me the most effective, concrete, and permanent growth and clarity. If I were to add up the growth, values, opportunity, experience, and vision from every one of those previous experiences, I would argue that Vector has provided for me more than all the others combined.

Being Vector Trained to me, means finding out who I am, what I am capable of, where I want to go, and gaining the means to get there.

 Anthony Nault